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free shipping On order over 599 Rs

About Us

Our Story

     It all starts with the name Dekhava, with lots of hope     and dreams in mind two friends started the Fashion     Brand Dekhava.

    With lots of hopes and dreams to secure they finally          decided to start the journey.

    But due to many challenges and downs it was hard for them to actually start the brand but for the vision of creating pehchan in the society they decided to never give-up and our main aim is to create a better society and do something for India.

And with this vision we decided what ever the circumstances and challenges we will never give-up ( what ever it takes )

                                           We believe in customer satisfaction with best service and good quality products with affordable price. We design and manufacture best quality fashion accessories and we have also tie-up with manufacturers who provided us best quality products.

We believe in order to achieve this we must take a 360 degree approach to practice that involves everything from design research, and designing for restorative justice practices.